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City High School is committed to helping our students understand the life-long impact of healthy decision-making. We believe that good sleep, nutrition, and exercise are directly linked to not only academic success now, but to future success and happiness.

We believe that teaching techniques around time and stress management, coping and conflict resolution, and an overall awareness of how we treat ourselves and interact with others, is central to a well-adjusted life.

Wellness programming is happening on a daily basis at City High School.

Students have opportunities to learn about various topics during:

  • Small group activities and discussions in Advisories
  • Whole School Meeting presentations
  • Elective classes and general curriculum
  • Our annual Health and Wellness Day


Using evidence-based curriculum, we have also added two Wellness classes to City High School’s elective choices:

  • DAPA (Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Awareness) City High. City High School was awarded a 3-year substance abuse prevention grant, allowing us to initiate a school-wide awareness of substance use on adolescent brain development.
  • YLP (Youth Life Project). The Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) provides our students with important information on issues of power and control and an awareness of healthy relationship dynamics.

City High School also brings wellness programming to families during Wellness Family Nights, scheduled periodically throughout the school year.  Please check our online school calendar for more information.

Questions or comments may be directed to Rachel Mueller, School Counselor.

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