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College and Career

The curriculum and academic expectations at City High School are designed to prepare students for college entrance and college success. Students are encouraged throughout their four years of high school to set individual college and career goals.

All students take the PSAT in 10th and 11th grades; this test serves as an important guide as students begin the process of preparing for challenging college entrance exams. All juniors participate in a multi-day field trip that tours universities and small colleges throughout the state of Arizona.

As part of the senior program, all 12th graders receive counseling as they begin to prepare their college applications. They are coached through a college application essay writing process and explore, in a structured format, topics such as financial aid resources, living out of state, transitioning to college, and personal finances. All seniors also participate in City High School’s Senior Internship Program, which creates important connections for students during their final year of high school to the wider adult world.

To learn more about all aspects of college preparation at City High School, contact Annie Holub, College and Career Coordinator. And, be sure to check out the College Guidance Resources page for students and parents.



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