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Advisory groups are small learning communities within the larger school community, with approximately 15 students and 1 or 2 staff per advisory.

We refer to the Advisory program as “meaningful homeroom.” Students are assigned an advisor their first year at City High School and remain with this advisor for the duration of their time at City High School. Advisors serve as the key contact between the school and the student’s family. The groups include students from all grades, 9 through 12, and older students often serve as informal mentors to their younger fellow advisees. Advisory meets 3-4 times per week for half-hour sessions. In advisory, students do a combination of academic work, future planning, and fun group activities.

Academic Work
Students maintain a portfolio of their academic work and overall involvement at City High School. The portfolio is kept and graded in advisory. Students draw on the portfolio to prepare for their semester roundtables and division gateway exhibitions. Advisors conduct weekly grade checks with their advisees to monitor academic progress and coach students as needed.

Future Planning
Students do a variety of activities related to short-term and long-term planning for their future. Each year they do graduation plans, credit/transcript reviews, and course sign-ups for the following year in advisory. They also do goal-setting activities related to their senior internship, college aspirations, and career paths in advisory.

Group Activities
Advisories plan a variety of fun activities together, such as birthday parties, advisory competitions, downtown lunch outings, and bocce ball on the library lawn. They also participate monthly in helping with maintenance of  Jacome Plaza and park, since City High School has adopted this location as part of Tucson’s Clean & Beautiful program. Each advisory runs one Whole School Meeting during the year and many advisories take on community service projects, such as one group’s efforts to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders after the earthquake in Haiti.

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